slôth (n): a family of bears

Levi and Bailey established Iowa Tree Bear in 2021. They are tree huggers at their very core.

As Iowans face devastating weather changes, Iowa Tree Bear helps commercial and residential owners mitigate risk while encouraging healthy tree care habits. The team prepares properties and educates owners on warning signs for safety hazards, or disease. They offer routine maintenance services, taking the worry off your plate. They offer trimming techniques to encourage growth. And if removal is required, they offer to turn your beautiful tree into its own upcycled piece of art.

Levi Forester, Colorado native, and Director of Operations, brings his forestry experience from the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest. Raised by carpenters, after a career in Information Technology and a background in Horticulture Studies, this Eagle Scout has unique skills that are unparalleled in the Tree Care industry.

Bailey Forester, Iowa native, and President, pursues her passion for the environment through Tree Care Service Sales. After a decade in Event Management and Business Marketing, she is the backbone to the organization.

Specializing in Urban Forestry with a focus on Environmental Preservation and Safety, Iowa Tree Bear brings exceptional tree care services to the Des Moines Metro Area. Iowa Tree Bear looks forward to helping you heal, trim and maintain your trees! Set up your consultation today!